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Banned from adsense: how to avoid it from happening.

Quite a few people are making a good income (side or full-time) from Adsense ADS on their blogs/websites and nobody wants to loose it. However it is almost guaranteed that when you reach a certain CTR (click-through-rate) and/or a certain income a human being (not a machine) will review your website.

I have heard that there are 3 categories for spam:

  • Not Intended For Spam
  • Possibly Spam
  • Made to Spam

What is considered spam?

If your blogs has:

  1. ADS everywhere and,
  2. when going to another website it takes 3/4 clicks to get out or
  3. you have software that tries to install you are asking for trouble.

What one should do?

  • Read the terms and conditions
  • Work hard and do not cut corners
  • Be honest, do not steal content
  • Do not create sites made for Adsense
  • Create killer content
  • DO NOT CLICK on your ADS
  • Create tools people ACTUALLY like and will use
  • Do not link to or advertise illegal websites
  • De-clutter your posts/pages
  • Remove all pop-ups and pop-under

You have been advised  :)


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